Founded in 1988, Marble Arch Fine Arts is a private gallery dealing in Old Master and Contemporary art. The aim of the gallery is to determine the needs of our clients: private collectors, art lovers, interior designers, and corporate buyers - and to assist them in building the art collection that suits their particular wishes and needs.

Our diverse collection of traditional art includes Old Master paintings ranging from Italian Renaissance, Flemish and Dutch Golden Age (17th century) paintings to 19th century works, as well as modern art from the first half of the 20th century.

Our Contemporary art collection brings together works of several exceptional and talented artists, some of whom we represent on an exclusive basis. These works, which we are pleased to introduce to the American public, cover a range of media, including oil paintings, lithographs, metal, and plexiglass or resin sculptures. Marble Arch Fine Arts also offers the option of commissioning pieces by several of these recognised artists for private and corporate use.



Marble Arch Fine Arts was founded in 1988 in Los Angeles, California by Michel Steinberger.

Mr. Steinberger started in the art world as a collector and aficionado. His passion spilled over into his professional life, and he opened Marble Arch Fine Arts.

After a few years of operating an open Gallery, Mr. Steinberger chose to become a private dealer. The gallery is open by appointment only.
Marble Arch Fine Arts can also be found on the internet where it has a website.

This affords Marble Arch Fine Arts a unique opportunity to open its doors to potential customers from all over the world, ranging from young new collectors, to established collectors, museums, and corporations.

Marble Arch is committed to its goal of quality service to both artist and collector. We welcome your interest and encourage you to visit our site and see the selection of artists and works for yourself.

We believe that this allows us to better serve ALL of our clients.