Franco Bulletti was born in Florence in 1925 and he lived and worked in Fiesole.  He attended the institute of Art in the 1940's and worked as a graphic consultant for a publishing house.  He exhibited for the first time in a collective exhibition at the Societa belle arti in Florence in 1943, after which he took part in several contemporary art exhibitions/events. 


He exhibited at the Vittoria Gallery in Naples in 1962, then at the Permanente in Milan in 1965 and the Saletta Mino in Fiesole in 1967 and 1968.  In 1969 he took part in the exhibition "Proposte per una manifestazione incontro" at the Museo Civico in Bologna; the eighth edition of Premio Juan Miro in Barcelona; the nineteenth Rassenga Europa in Sossoferrato; the Rassegna d'Arte contemporanea in Modonna di Campiglio; the Rassenga d'Arte in Barbarion Val d'Elsa and the third Biennial in Bolzano.


He put on personal exhibitions at the Davanzali Gallery in Florence and at the La Chiocciola Gallery in Padova in 1970.  The following year he took part in the tenth Premio Juan Miro in Barcelona, the Rappresentazione incontro at the Palazzo di Re Enzo in Bologna and had personal exhibitions at the II Cenacolo Gallery in Vicenza and Nykobing, Denmark.  More personal exhibitions were held at the Modern Art in Vancouver, Canada in 1972 and the Officina studio in Arezzo, Italy in 1977.


Following this he took part in various collective exhibitions.  Then in 1992 he put on the personal exhibition entitled Memoria Fisiotipica at the Ponte Rosso Gallery in Milan and La Bezaga Gallery in Florence as well as taking part in a collective one in Frankfurt.  In 1993 he took part in L'occhio dell'artista su Leonardo, and exhibition held in Malmo, Sweden, and Skemata at the town hall in Anagni, Italy.  He also took part in Giuliano Allegri's Ventennale della Bezuga exhibition in 1995 and put on a personal one at the Tornabuoni Gallery in Florence in 1996.  Then in 1998 he contributed to Arte e scienze in pediatria, organized by Studio Melotti in Ferrara.


Bulletti again won the second price in the third edition of Astratta il segno nascosto, in Florence in 1999.  He took the part in the exhibition Documenti d'oggi dell'astrazione, held at Montespertoli Castle in Florence.